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The Fox is the sixth edition in the W.A. collection, an installment series inspired by the films of
Wes Anderson. Just uttering the name “Wes Anderson” transports one into a world of vivid
colors, poignant moments, and meticulous details. Each cigar from this collection, including this
blend inspired by Anderson sixth feature-length film Fantastic Mr. Fox, boasts flavors so rich
and intricate, they might very well be characters from a Wes Anderson tableau. W.A. The Fox is
a 6x54 Nicaraguan puro crafted by the maestro AJ Fernandez at Tabacalera Annex. Prepare to
indulge and immerse yourself in this experience as meticulously crafted as the cinema of Wes

LCA W.A. The FF Fox

SKU: 106750
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