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"Frank Llaneza, a key figure in the premium cigar industry’s story and partner to the Oliva tobacco family in West Tampa, has significantly influenced the cigar world. His contributions are monumental. Recently, a surprise shipment of about 9,000 6x54 cigars in black five-packs arrived at the Privada Cigar Club HQ, shipped from the Oliva tobacco family. The reason these cigars, wrapped in coveted Broadleaf tobacco, arrived at Privada HQ remains a mystery—either fate or a fortunate mistake. Upon discovering the remarkable quality of these cigars, LCA staff immediately contacted the Olivas, and after much persuasion, they reached an agreement to keep the cigars. They adorned the bundles with images of Frank Llaneza and the Oliva family, and this special cigar honors the legacy of Frank Llaneza, a truly pivotal figure in the industry. This encourages everyone to learn about Llaneza’s impact on the cigar world. As we remember Frank Llaneza, we celebrate his life and contributions to the cigar industry with this exceptional cigar featuring the Oliva tobacco family’s finest Broadleaf wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and fillers.

LCA Frank Llaneza

SKU: 106917
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