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Quesada BBQ Pig Exactly one year ago, the Quesada BBQ Pig was released as the May 2021 LCA Release. Insanity ensued as the industry watched one of the fastest cigar sellouts of all time take place. For everyone who missed out the first time, this is another opportunity to try and get one of these coveted cigars. This production is from the same batch as the original, which makes them one year aged, and features the same undisclosed blend of tobaccos found in the original release of BBQ Pig last year. It is a 4x60 pig vitola made at Quesada’s factory, Tabacos de Exportación, in the Dominican Republic. Each one of these BBQ Pigs was rolled by one of two rollers, the only two rollers in the entire factory who are skilled enough to roll this vitola.

Quesada BBQ Pig

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