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After turning to Chinese-American take-out food for inspiration, General Cigar Co. has now turned to Japanese cuisine.  The Punch Bento Box, alludes to the lunch-box style of home-packed meals intended to take to school or work in Japanese culture. In Japanese restaurants, an assortment of food is served on a tray, but in General’s case, the Bento Box is a collection of its previous Chinese-inspired Punch cigars.


The new brick-and-mortar exclusive comes with 42 smokes: 20 Punch Egg Rolls, which measure 4 1/2 inches long by 50 ring gauge and debuted in 2019; a dozen Punch Chop Sueys (7 by 37), which came out in 2020; and 10 Kung Pow! cigars (6 by 52) from earlier this year. Two of the Punches are made in Honduras at the HATSA factory in Danlí. Chop Suey is made in the Dominican Republic.

The Punch Bento Box also includes a cigar rest.

Punch Bento Box

SKU: 105034
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