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A tale of Brian Desind’s travels: “Roaming through the sun-drenched terrain of Southern
California this blistering summer, I found myself on a journey of self-reflection and artistic
inspiration. In the sweltering heat of this inferno they call SoCal, indulging in cigars is not for
the faint of heart, nor the light of pocket. My travels led me to Malibu, where, to my
astonishment, I stumbled upon a real-life version of Barbie's iconic plastic home, available for
rent on Airbnb. As I stood there, my eyes drinking in the expanse of the beach, the familiar itch
for a cigar arose. Following local advice, I found myself at Malibu Cigar, managed by the
intriguing character named Rick Loehr. Rick's salutation was a robust "fuck you," delivered with
the affectionate charm of a wizened sage. He beckoned me to relish in a cigar whilst overlooking
the vast Pacific. In this moment, an inspiration struck – a fusion of plastic fantastic and
smoldering leaf, the likes of which the world had never known...a cigar by the name "Malibu
Rick" in homage to Rick and his memorable demeanor, reminiscent of a steadfast mule. The
essence of this tale is simple: Should you ever be in the picturesque locale of Malibu with a
yearning for a quality cigar, seek out the enigmatic Malibu Rick. Procure a cigar, immerse in the
moment, and let the mesmerizing vista captivate you.”
Malibu Rick is a 6x50 toro featuring a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper, Dominican binder, and
Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers rolled at Tabacalera La Perla in Nicaragua.
Release Date: Friday, September 1st

LCA Malibu Rick

SKU: 106749
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