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The September LCA release is called "From Chico" by Chico Rivas. Chico Rivas is a master blender and artist that LCA is excited to showcase. Chico spent years blending for Quesada before starting his own factory where he has rolled for many boutique brands. Chico tends to intimidate, and his passion is electrifying and sporadic, as the chaotic artwork on the band is intended to capture. At 6x50, "From Chico" is juicy, sweet, rich, with just the right amount of pepper, and perfectly ripe after six years of aging in Chico's factory. After smoking this cigar, you find yourself not wanting anything else. If your palate is able to run the gamut of fine cigars, save as many of these as you can for yourself.

LCA From Chico by Chico Rivas

SKU: 104822
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