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Cocoa di Padre ($11.00 MSRP)
There is a family in Northern Italy that has been making fine chocolates and baked goods by
hand using only the highest-quality ingredients and top-secret recipes since 1882. This culinary
family, given their great respect for the sense of taste and the pleasures of delicate flavor, have a
deep appreciation for the luxury that fine cigars offer. The patriarch of the family is so infatuated
with cigars that he sought out Dominican master blender Chico Rivas to blend their family a
cigar for their own private consumption. Up until now, the only way one could have smoked this
cigar is by being a friend or relative. With the permission to use everything except their family
name and company logo, a very limited supply has been produced for the Limited Cigar
Association. The recipe of this 5.5 x 52 smoking experience is a special Dominican blend
featuring a seven-year aged Dominican corojo wrapper over a five-year aged Piloto Cubano
binder and fillers that shall remain a secret. Please enjoy this rich and desert-like blend preferred
by the sophisticated palates of Italy’s finest pastry chefs.

LCA Cocoa di Padre

SKU: 106217
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