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"About four years ago, friend to the LCA and cigar industry veteran Erik Espinosa was running into some difficulty sourcing the signature Brazilian wrapper leaf used on his famous Laranja. He experimented with making the Laranja blend using different substitute wrapper leaves. While none of Erik's experiments captured the same expression of flavors as the true Laranja, he did end up using a particular wrapper leaf to make a few thousand 6x48 cigars that got close, but ultimately not close enough, to capturing the essence of Laranja. Unsure of what to do with these orphaned cigars, Erik stored them away for the time being. Years later, Erik stumbled upon his forgotten almost-Laranja experiment and called up Brian Desind, owner of Priavda Cigar Club. After smoking this blend, Brian began lovingly referring to it as Blood Orange and was happy to take all of them. This is a cigar with a great story, that has been aged perfectly, and will probably never be made again. This is one of those cigars that becomes a little legend. Get one if you can."

LCA Blood Orance

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