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Crafted by Dominican master blender Chico Rivas, 1491 is a puro that honors the great history  of tobacco. 1491 consists entirely of the highest grade indigenous Dominican corojo-seed  tobaccos. This is not a blend. Rather, this cigar is an opportunity to experience native Dominican  tobacco in its purest form. This is tobacco as the Taino Indians of the Caribbean would have  known it before Columbus arrived to the Americas in 1492. To smoke 1491 is to share an  experience with peoples who lived centuries and millennia ago – the peoples who were the first  ever to cultivate tobacco from the Earth and to whom we are indebted for the pleasure and joy  we all share in smoking cigars today. 1491 is a 6x50 toro rolled at Manufactura Rivas.  

LCA 1491

SKU: 105723
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