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AXx DEMON SLAYER is a full-bodied, med/full-strength box-pressed 6x52 prensado toro. The wrapper is an 8-year-aged San Andres Claro leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret....but they are all 6-11 years-aged.  


First light is a tidal wave of complex flavors! Milk chocolate, white peppercorn, and caramel blast across the palate. Red oak, cashews, raw leather, and port wine immediately follow. Hints of clove, Irish cream, and butter linger long on the finish. The retrohale adds a warming cinnamon burn.

(I'm actually getting "sensory overload" from this cigar. Absolutely magnificent...just from the first half inch!)


As it progresses, the blend grows even more sophisticated. Dark chocolate, dark roasted coffee bean, and cashew emerge. Hints of whiskey barrel and cayenne pepper. 

Halfway, the complexity continues to build. Cocoa, whipped cream, red pepper, and walnut appear. Blasts of nougat, earth, and malt on the finish. Amazing!


Last third, everything intensifies! Bold notes of maple wood, cake frosting, brown sugar, and dark beer. Vanilla bean and all-spice. The burn is perfect and the cigar stays cool all the way to the lip-burning nub!

Ezra Zion AxX Demon Slayer


Ezra Nomad Closeout

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