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"Meticulously crafted from a blend of eight tobaccos aged for a total of 60 years, this cigar holds special symbolism, aligning with the age of an individual born in the Year of the Dragon. It features an Ecuador wrapper, a Dominican binder, and Dominican/Mexican/Nicaraguan fillers. "...The central Year of the Dragon icon holds a pearl, signifying wisdom in Chinese culture. As for the tasting experience, the uncut foot introduces earthy, wooden, and herbal nuances, evolving into a rich interplay of roasted nuts, cream, and subtle licorice as the wrapper takes command. The second phase escalates with sweet honey, white pepper, and citrus notes, creating a refined and sophisticated palate journey. The final stretch maintains intensity with fresh spice and oak wood enhancing the dominant dark chocolate notes, delivering a smooth and harmonious conclusion to this exceptional masterpiece.

Davidoff Year of the Dragon

SKU: 106866
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